Gardening & Swimming pool Maintenance Services

GroundForce France specialises in the renovation and continuing maintenance of gardens of all sizes and terrains. We have the knowledge and equipment to undertake:

  • Swimming Pool Maintenance: including opening and closing down
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Hedge cutting
  • Garden clearance
  • Grass cutting
  • Rough terrain cutting
  • Low level tree work
  • Conservation

Grounds Maintenance

professional year round grass cutting serviceGrass cutting and weed control is our core business, ensuring the ongoing care of your grounds.

All work is tailored to your individual needs and, if required, includes the regular use of licenced, approved fertilizers and herbicides to ensure the long term  nourishment of your grass, keeping it neat and weed-free.


hedge cutting - long reach equipmentHedge Cutting

Routine and remedial work undertaken , with high quality, efficient long reach cutting equipment.


Rough Terrain Cutting

garden clearance and rough terrain cuttingFor long neglected lawns – needing extra attention, we use our ‘Topping’ attachment, fixed to the ISEKI tractor – making short work of a resilient undergrowth.

Garden Clearance

It’s  easy to be overwhelmed by large overgrown gardens – we have all the state of the art tools to tackle any job.


High Pressure Cleaning

high pressure cleaning of drives, patios and terracesYour freshly cleaned driveways paths, and patios make a marked improvement on any property’s appearance.

Moss covered garden walls and  ornaments, all benefit from a spring makeover with our high pressure spray.


conservation and renovation garden worksConservation

We have recently undertaken conservation work which included the clearance of an overgrown and neglected ‘lavoir’, which has contributed to the ecology of the local flora and fauna, and made a family of toads sing even louder!


low level tree maintenanceLow Level Tree Work

When small, manageable trees need the minimum attention to encourage healthy , pest-free growth.